Research Writing and Coaching

Dr. Deborah Goodwin offers professional services for writing all types of research writing, including research papers, theses, and dissertations.  Conferencing is available for all steps of the research process:  selecting and narrowing a topic, conducting research, writing a statement of the problem and significance of the study, selecting appropriate methodology,  writing the proposal,writing the first draft, and writing the final draft.   All services are confidential.  Contact Dr. Goodwin at 501-454-9161 for a private consultation on specifics and pricing.


School Improvement Endeavors

Dr. Goodwin was certified by the Arkansas Department of Education to conduct Scholastic Audits for School Improvement, she also worked with David Fetterman and Associates  ( and with Dr. Charity Smith,  ( Former Assistant Education Commissioner of Arkansas providing consulting services for all aspects of School Improvement: conducting audits to determine needs and writing improvement plans for under performing schools, and providing support for implementing, monitoring, and assessing the effectiveness of School Improvement Plans.  Relying on her experiences in these endeavors and more, Dr. Goodwin provides the following services for School Improvement Endeavors:

  • Designing and Conducting Action Research Projects for Writing School Improvement Plans
  • Guided Self-Audits for Schools and Organizations to discover the strengths which can be used to write Strategic Improvement Plans
  • Job-Embedded Mentoring for Effective Practices in Instruction, as well as assessing and improving instructional practices.
  • Live Events in Exciting Venues tailored for School Administration Teams and Strategic Planning Committees.



Dr. Goodwin is available for motivational speaking, as well as professional development seminars on the following topics:

  • Why be a Teacher
  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
  • Effective Assessment Practices
  • Developing a Healthy School or Classroom Climate
  • Designing and Aligning Curriculum
  • Mentoring Effective Teachers
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • The 7 Things You Need to Know to be an Effective Instructional Planner and Teacher
  • The Reason We Can’t Change School
  • More…