It was an honor to serve on the Brinkley School Board, working closely with Dr. Goodwin to mend the relationship between the school and the community of Brinkley, AR. Dr. Goodwin worked diligently to improve both the administration and the teachers, while always putting the needs of our students above all else. I was extremely impressed by Dr. Goodwin’s Christian values and her unbiased treatment of all her students, whom she clearly cared about whole heartedly. ~Mr. Paul Hoggatt, Former School Board President
Brinkley School District, Brinkley, AR

Well, I’m glad I was one of your first classes…always enjoyed your class and learned a little English…it never was my favorite subject, but you made it interesting. ~Eric Story, Bradford High School Alumnus

I wasn’t a good student, but I was always fascinated by you. You were my favorite teacher. ~Dusty Blevins, Bradford High School Alumnus

Had we known we were breaking in a future Doctor we would have tried a little harder on your first year. ~Shane Free, Bradford High School Alumnus

I look back now and see how awesome you really are for putting up with us as much as you did and always having a smile and a great attitude. ~Alicia Henard, Bradford High School Alumnus

You have made many positive influences on my life. You are an outstanding teacher! ~Alicia Hamby Taylor, Bradford High School Alumnus

You were always one of my favorites. Who doesn’t appreciate an English teacher with the alter ego of Dolly! ~Mirranda Eddings Sprayberry, Bradford High School Alumnus

I don’t know if you remember me or if you remember the way you ended class. (Note from Dr. G, I bribed them that if they would be good in class I would sing at the end of class.) You took the time to connect with us on a personal level, you gave us a piece of yourself, and I have loved Dolly Parton ever since you sang to us. ~Frank Nash, Bradford High School Alumnus

I didn’t have a very great homelife, and I got picked on a lot in school, but in your class, I felt like someone cared, and I felt comfortable, thank you for that! ~Anonymous Alumnus

Dr. Goodwin was a fair and understanding superintendent. She was very knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of education. ~Coach Ethan Baker

Dr. Goodwin made me feel very comfortable coming to talk to her as my administrator. She would listen to my concerns and give her honest advice based on those concerns whether or not it was what I wanted to hear but it was what I NEEDED to hear. ~Kerrie Baker, English Teacher

I have always admired your honesty and thoughtful perspective. You never cease to intrigue me, Debbie Hayes Goodwin!!!! I’m so grateful our lives crossed paths…I’m excited and anxious to see where you follow God next. ~Lori Reap. Friend